Thank you so much for considering me as your officiant. I am a pastor by trade, and would love the opportunity to work with you to make your wedding day the most romantic and most fun days of your lives.

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As a wedding pastor, I have written over 700 weddings and I can write a ceremony for you that is personal and professional and fun. I can also teach your friend or family member how to perform it like a pro.


Included in the price is a full video tutorial to help your friend know every detail about how to officiate a wedding like a professional.


Frequently Asked Questions!

Below you'll find answers to the most common questions people ask about using our wedding writing services.

What is the price and what does it include?

For $299, you will receive a fully personalized wedding script that includes your love story and your engagement story and reflections about why you like each other. Includes officiant tutorial video.

For $249, you will receive a personalized wedding script including reflections but without your love story or engagement story. Includes officiant tutorial video.

Full ceremony script will also include:

  • Your engagement story
  • Reflections (What you like about each other)
  • 2-3 point wedding message (Your officiant will be given 6 creatively written points to choose from for their message)
  • Vows (You can choose between 7 different vow options or you can write your own)
  • A unity ceremony (optional)
  • Each step contains detailed notes including what to say, when to say it and where to stand.

How does the process work?

Once you have made your payment, I will send you the wedding homework including questions like how you met, how you got engaged and what you like about each other. I need bride and groom to fill it out separately then email it back to me so I can write your fully personalized wedding script.

How long does it take to write a wedding?

Allow a month for your ceremony to be written but most will be delivered within two week after I receive your completed wedding homework. If you have a rush job please call me to make special arrangements.

Who should I choose to be my wedding officiant?

Choose someone who feels comfortable in front of a crowd. Avoid choosing someone simply to honor them or because they are close to you. A good officiant has some experience in public speaking or experience in drama or performance. Choose someone who will take the time to go over the script so they are prepared on your wedding day.

How will my officiant get an officiants license?

A simple Google search will reveal multiple sites that will license an officiant. (American Marriage Ministries) is an example.

What if we want to write our own vows?

If you feel comfortable speaking in front of people, written vows is another way to make the ceremony more personal. Here are three guidelines I tell couples when they are writing their own vows.

1. Put each other on a word count. You don’t want the bride to have 4 pages of vows and the groom to have 4 sentences.

2. Read over the vow choices I will send so you know what vows sound like. Often times couples write sentiments like “I really like you. You are my soul mate.” Those aren’t vows. Vows sound more like, “I vow to love you even when you are sick, you’ve had a bad day, and the Steelers lost in overtime.”

3. Write out your vows. Some couples write out their vows in a little “My wedding vows” book they bought. Other’s print them out. Whatever way you choose, write them and read them. Don’t put the added pressure of having to memorize your vows into your wedding day.

Is the wedding script religious?

I can write your script to include God or I can write it without any religious elements. There is a question on the wedding homework to check your preference.

What if we want a special wedding ceremony like unity sand or the coin, cord and veil?

I have written weddings to include almost any ceremony you can think of. If you want a special ceremony just let me know and I’ll include it and all the wording your officiant needs to know to perform it.

Get Started

If you would like me to write a personal and professional ceremony it takes just a few simple steps.

Step 1 Click on the link below to make your payment.


Step 2Once you make your payment I will send you some simple questions to answer. You send me your answers and I then I will author an A-Z wedding script including your love story and a sweet and a heartfelt wedding message.

If you have any questions give me a call. I would love to help you create a beautiful wedding that is personal, professional and fun.


10% of all wedding proceeds go towards our work around the world. To find out why I do what I do, click here.