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David and Trinity’s Wedding

The ceremony notes start once you have taken your place center stage at the wedding ceremony. Wait for the person in charge or the wedding coordinator to tell you when to take your place.

When the bride approaches the back row if the crowd is not already standing, make this statement.

“All rise for the entrance of the bride.”

(After the bride and parent(s) make their way to the stage, welcome the guests)


“David and Trinity, along with their families wish to welcome you and thank each one of you for being a part of this special occasion. They also wish to thank you for the part each one of you has played in their lives.”

There are two ways to address this moment:

1) Wordlessly
At most weddings the bride comes down the aisle and hugs her parent. The groom hugs the parent. Then the bride and groom walk toward the officiant.

2) Statement of intent
There are other weddings in which the bride and a parent approach the stage and stop. You ask this statement of intent.

“Who gives this woman to become David’s bride?”

The parent responds with one of the following statements:
“Her mother and I.”
“Her father and I.”
“Her family and I.”


“We are gathered here today because David and Trinity like each other. I mean they really like each other. They are making the decision today to say to the world that this is it. This is the one. On good days this is the one I’m going to celebrate with. On bad days this is the one who is going to dry my tears. Today, tomorrow, and forever, this is the one.”


From the beginning of this relationship, it was love at first sight. Just not with Hunter. Let me explain. They met at the gym during sophomore year of college and Hunter’s buddy was crushing hard after Trinity and said, “Look at her. She’s cute.” To which Hunter replied, “Well go talk to her.” He did, but nothing really came of it. Hunter wasn’t all in just yet but Trinity was at least on his radar.

It wasn’t until two years later that Hunter really started talking to Trinity. Trinity worked at the gym and Hunter liked working out and he liked even more talking to Trinity. This is what Trinity remembers about that time. “Up until then, we had regarded each other as emotionless robots who were not to be approached while working out.”

Unfortunately through college Trinity and Hunter were dating other people most of that time and the timing wasn’t ever right. Then three things happened. They both joined the military and they both dumped those other losers they were dating and they both realized this was it.

This is how Hunter described it Very quickly we realized how it seemed that we were made for each other. Trinity put it like this We both agreed that we had never experienced real love like this before each other. It was very deep and true, and we’ve been inseparable since then.

Full ceremony script will also include:

* Your engagement story
* Reflections (What you like about each other)
* 2-3 point wedding message (Your officiant will be given 6 creatively written points to choose from for their message)
* Vows (You can choose between 7 different vow options or you can write your own)
* A unity ceremony (optional)
* Each step contains detailed notes including what to say, when to say it and where to stand.